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Sawn wood from GreenMixWood

Here you can find information about various kinds of sawn wood and their prices. Sawn wood is a raw material, produced of wood with specific sizes and quality. Here we provide various kinds of products made of high-quality dry sawn wood, which will correspond to all requirements and norms, ready for laying and operation. It is very convenient especially for such a big city like St. Petersburg. All you need to do is just examine our assortment, make an order and our Company will organize its delivery to your place in accordance with the agreed terms. We can purchase sawn wood whole sale and at retail. We are ready for a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership and offer you to purchase sawn wood in St. Petersburg with a profitable cost.

We can order such kinds of raw materials as

All products are manufactured at the woodworking plant, observing norms and requirements. It provides a possibility to set prices for sawn wood in St. Petersburg, independently and to provide quality guarantees. All products are made of coniferous species – larch, pine, fir; with a guaranteed longevity of the ready product. If you wish, you can order sawn wood by delivery in St. Petersburg; its cost will be lower than the cost from similar companies.

The assortment given in the catalogue includes all necessary materials which are used in various spheres of the industry today, but more often in construction – for finishing houses and performing repair works.

If you have been searching for a reliable supplier offering high-quality products, trust Green MixWood and you will not be sorry!